Angus and Julia Stone - Cape Forestier

Angus and Julia Stone - Cape Forestier

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In Cape Forestier, Angus and Julia Stone express their extraordinary journey through heartfelt songs, emphasizing the universal language of music that feels like home to them. The concept of home has evolved beyond a physical place for Angus and Julia, becoming a deeper connection that grew from their shared musical experiences. Julia reflecis on how creating music brings them peace, acting as a common language that transcends the complexities of life.

The duo's musical journey has taken them across the globe, from childhood beginnings to record deals in London, collaborations with Rick Rubin in LA, and the establishment of a studio in the hinterlands of NSW

Cape Forestier serves as a narrative from the hearts and minds of Angus and Julia Stone. Each song unfolds as a different page in their storybook, covering themes from love stones to societal observations. Regardless of labels like folky, acoustic, or indie-rock, the siblings prioritise authenticity over stylistic choices.

Format / LP
Label / PIAS
Cat No / PIASR5200LP
Genre / Rock & Indie
Release date / 17 May 2024


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