Caribou - Andorra (15th Anniversary Edition)

Caribou - Andorra (15th Anniversary Edition)

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Caribou’s sun-kissed psychedelia album turns 15 this year. Caribou, otherwise known as the composer of euphoric, dazzlingly beautiful electronic psychedelia, Dan Snaith, returns with the rousing album Andorra. Right from the no-messing, pounding, so melodic, opening track Melody Day - which may be the finest thing Dan Snaith has signed his name to - this is up there with the best experimental pop. While electronic in nature, there are a whole lot of other sounds therein. We are hearing a lot of nuggets in this. Love's Ambition, with the flutes, strings and a certain Arthur Lee quality in the vocals too - check Sandy. there are echoes of psych-rock guitar and some heavy tintern abbey drumming. More modern hints of the Beta Band, even a shared song title in She's the One. A couple of low key electronic tracks serve to build atmosphere for the nine brilliant and unmistakeably who-influenced minutes of Niobe.

Format / LP, limited edition white pressing
Label / City Slang 
Cat No / SLANG50467X
Genre / Pop, Rock & Indie
Release date / 9 September 2022


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