Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis with Shirley Scott - Cookin&

Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis with Shirley Scott - Cookin' with Jaws and the Queen

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Released to celebrate tenor jazz saxophonist Eddie Lockjaw Davis’ centennial, “Cookin’ with Jaws and the Queen” showcases the influential soul-jazz partnership of Eddie Lockjaw Davis and organist Shirley Scott, bringing together the Prestige albums Cookbook, Vol. 1-3, and Smokin’.

LP Side A  1. Have Horn, Will Blow  2. The Chef  3. But Beautiful    Side B  1. In The Kitchen  2. Three Deuces    Side C  1. The Rev   2. Stardust     Side D  1. Skillet   2. I Surrender, Dear   3. The Broilers     Side E  1. I'm Just A Lucky So And So   2. Heat 'N Serve   3. My Old Flame    Side F  1. The Goose Hangs High   2. Simmerin'  3. Strike Up The Band  Side G  1. High Fry  2. Smoke This  3. Pennies From Heaven    Side H  1. Pots And Pans  2. Jaws  3. It's A Blue World  4. Blue Lou

Format / 4 x LP
Label / Concord
Cat No / 72423879
Genre / Jazz
Release date / 24 March 2023


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