Neu! - Neu! 2

Neu! - Neu! 2

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Until the first wave of reissues 10 years ago only a handful of famous and/or connected musicians - david bowie, kraftwerk, add n to x, daf, blur - had heard this relatively obscure album, first released in 1973. stereolab isn't the only group this experimental, minimalist, unsettlingly beautiful germanic duo influenced, though; you can hear traces of suicide's aggressive disco-punk and almost all present-day dance bands within klaus dinger's almost robotic, forceful drumming on 'spitzenqualitat' and the finale 'super'. what strikes the listener most about 'neu! 2', however, is the sheer enjoyment these aural visionaries were deriving from their conveyor-belt grooves: ecstatic yelps of ecstasy sometimes obliterating the percussive din, keyboardist michael rother thumping his guitar like he's the first child on a new motorway of sound which, indeed, he was. tracks are sped up and then slowed down, almost at random. indispensable listening.

Format / LP, limited edition white pressing 
Label / Brain
Genre / Rock & Indie
Release date / 13 October 2009



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