No Age - People Helping People

No Age - People Helping People

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First thought, best thought. Until the next thought: a guiding principle for No Age in the 16ish years they’ve been around. Constantly responding to their own streams of consciousness with reductive flexibility, they’ve taken the basic duo of guitar and drums with vocals WAY farther than anyone listening in halcyon Weirdo Rippers days could have guessed. Expounding on those atomic possibilities, they’ve zig-zagged with serpentine precision, ranging outside and back in again—as befits the present thought, whenever it comes. And now, six albums into it all, these thoughts have guided them to People Helping People. Composed in their studio of ten years in the pre-pan days, then, following an eviction from that space, finished deep in the midst at their new basecamp: Randy’s Garage.

Format / LP
Label / Drag City
Cat No / DC856
Genre / Rock & Indie
Release date / 16 September 2022


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