Sleaford Mods - UK Grim

Sleaford Mods - UK Grim

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Sleaford Mods release their new album UK Grim through Rough Trade Records. As the Nottingham duo's most dancefloor friendly release to date, UK Grim is an urgent and sage-like look at life, living and the gritty reality of our era. 

Truly the sound of now, not only in terms of the ideas and issues Jason Williamson's strong words invoke, but also thanks to the innovative and immersive production of Andrew Fearn, which on this release has seen the pair collaborate on songs with Jane's Addiction's creative powerhouse, Perry Farrell and Dave Navarro, and with Florence Shaw, the distinct and vital voice at the heart of British band Dry Cleaning.

Format / LP, limited edition silver pressing 
Label / Rough Trade
Cat No / 9140203910
Genre / Rock & Indie Electronic & Experimental  
Release date / 10 March 2023


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