Sven Wunder - Late Again

Sven Wunder - Late Again

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Sven Wunder returns with his highly anticipated fourth full-length album Late Again on Piano Piano Records. For the soundtrack and library aficionados, jazz connoisseurs, and the hip-hop heads with an open mind. The album compiles some of his most admired compositions to date, like the jazz ballads ”Snowdrops” and ”Asterism Waltz”, and the modal jazz pieces ”Jazz at Night”, and ”Stars Align”. As well as new compositions such as ”Sundown”, ”Pop-Jazz Structures”, and ”Take A Break” with brightly colored textures and vibrant melodies which have become Wunder’s trademark, and so forth.

Format / LP
Label / Piano Piano 
Cat No / PP1004
Genre / Soul & Funk
Release date / 1 December 2023


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