I (Mark) have been a record collector and played in bands since my teenage years, and like anyone obsessed with music I’d always dreamed of opening a record shop one day. 

Taking inspiration from my other passion - coffee - the idea gradually evolved into combining a record shop and espresso bar. After a few years training as a barista and a long search for the right space, my wife Luisa and I found this place in Sheen and opened Level Crossing Records in 2018. 

Working with the finest small batch speciality coffee roasters was key for us so we're very happy to be serving Dark Arts coffee in the shop. In their own words Dark Arts 'incorporate twisted visions of using alchemy to combine fire, water and magic beans and import the best beans from all over the world'.


In the three years since opening the shop’s regular customers have become extended family. The community that’s developed around the shop is the reason we get up in the morning and the best thing about owning a place like this - people hanging out all day talking about records and listening to music whilst having a coffee. 

The shop stocks a mixed bag of music genres which reflects both my taste and our regulars. I’m always on the lookout for new music, keeping an ear to the ground and taking on customer recommendations. We pride ourselves on being eclectic and like any good record shop, the aim is to help people discover new and old music - to share the knowledge. 

The ethos of Level Crossing Records is that music and coffee are best experienced in their pure analogue forms, like a record spinning on a deck or the slow drip of an espresso machine. We’re trying to create a place where people can stop for a moment... and enjoy great music and coffee.




Level Crossing Records

49 Sheen Lane
London SW14 8AB

Tuesday, 7.30am–2pm
Wednesday–Friday, 7.30am–5pm
Saturday, 9am–5pm
Sunday, 9am–2pm