Cherry Ghost - Thirst For Romance

Cherry Ghost - Thirst For Romance

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Repressing of Cherry Ghost’s classic debut Thirst For Romance. When Thirst For Romance (Simon Aldred’s debut album as Cherry Ghost) arrived in July 2007, it sounded out of step with so much of its musical surroundings - a world of X Factor winners and Favourite Worst Nightmares; Umbrellas and In Rainbows. Simon’s album came from a different place to everything else - it was a soul record, in so much as it was from the soul, and about the human soul. And it was a proudly Northern record - a fact celebrated in the sound of Simon’s voice and the people and places that populated his songs. While the music might have evoked glorious vistas and wide open spaces, the view here was very much the post-industrial North.

Format / 2 x 140g LP
Label / Heavenly Recordings 
Cat No / HVNLP59X
Genre / Rock & Indie, Electronic & Experimental
Release date / 19 August 2022

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