Barrington Levy - Robin Hood

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While there are much more important releases in Barrington Levy's massive discography, Robin Hood is an entertaining and satisfying effort best remembered for its killer title track. Recorded right after his breakthrough effort, Englishman, and with the same amazing cast — backing band the Roots Radics, producer Henry "Junjo" Lawes, and engineer Scientist — the album wins for its delivery and feel rather than its strong material. Levy's semi-androgynous croon is young and in top form, Lawes is pushing roots reggae towards dancehall, the Radics respond in a rousing manner, while Scientist creates a more upfront sonic landscape. With everyone on the same page, Robin Hood would be Englishman's equal if it weren't for some uninspired ideas like repeating that previous album's Sister Carol character with the everyday "Love Sister Carol." Still, that title cut and the moving "When Friday Comes," with its dramatic intro, are prime Levy and Lawes.

Format / LP
Label / Greensleeves
Cat No / GREL14
Genre / Reggae & Dub
Release date / 7 January 2022

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