Lena Horne - Lovely and Alive

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Everyone agrees that Lena Horne is one of the superb performers of our time. And everyone agrees that she is one of the most beautiful of women. This being the case, it is not hard to understand how a third quality of hers is somewhat overlooked. I mean the fact that she is a singer. 

Of course, that is what she is officially 'a singer'. But I have a strong feeling that her extraordinary beauty and performing talent have overshadowed her singin to the point where it is not being given  the credit it  should be given. I contend that Lena Horne is a great singer, and I am fully aware that that adjective is one of to be used only on the rarest of occasions. (Dick Pierce )

Format / LP
Label / Sony
Cat No / LSP2587
Genre / Soul & Funk, Pop
Release date / 2015

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