Nick Waterhouse - Nick Waterhouse

Nick Waterhouse - Nick Waterhouse

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Old style crooners with neat to the beat drums, smoky horns and like something you’d hear sung by a brycreamed smooth Parnes stable boy circa ‘63. Californian Nick Waterhouse releases his fourth album and this one’s produced by Paul Butler (who’s worked with Michael Kiwanuka and Devendra Banhart). Recorded live on magnetic tape through analog equipment at Electro Vox Recorders. Guest players include Andres Rentaria, Paula Henderson and Mando Dorame. Elegant lounge lizard barfly louche piano vamping. Seductive, smiling vocals. Cool horns. Jazzy cool blues. Smoky classic tropes of rock’n’roll. Smoky horns. Big band rock’n’roll.

Format / LP
Label / Innovative Leisure
Cat No / IL2060
Genre / Soul & Funk
Release date / 8 March 2019

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