Blood - Bye Bye

Blood - Bye Bye

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Bye Bye is a three track offering from Philadelphia based sextet Blood, that rarely stays put in one style for long. All three songs – first single Money Worries, Luck and Borstal Field - were recorded by the band throughout the pandemic providing a uniting force whilst touring remained impossible. The tracks are a testament to the unforgiving and rewarding process of self-recording. The band found great relief in finally having the time to flesh out an experimental atmosphere without the constraint of paid studio time. Blood is proud of the work they’ve made, but it is imperative to mention that all three tracks were brought to life in a way not formerly thought possible by the mixing brilliance of Nancy Conforti. First single “Money Worries” finds Blood slingshotted over an open letter to their landlord. What starts as a clear threat to an obvious albeit deserving villain, soon caves into an acoustic respite, in which the nightmare of financial ruin becomes lullaby.

Format / 10"
Label / Permanent Creeps Records
Cat No / PCR055T
Genre / Rock & Indie
Release date / 8 July 2022

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