Clandestine Amigo - Temporary Circumstances

Clandestine Amigo - Temporary Circumstances

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Gorgeous melodies, rich harmonies, full-bodied instrumentation. "A brilliant work."

Get ready for Temporary Circumstances. From the first note to the last, you’ll not be able to stop listening. Gorgeous melodies, rich harmonies, full-bodied instrumentation, and detailed recordings without compression or affectation. It’s as if you are in the room with the artists.

A truly remarkable work of the recording arts from PS Audio’s Octave® Records. Captured on some of the best microphones and electronics in the world and recorded in pure DSD on the Sonoma Multi-track recorder, this is a must-have.

Format / 2 x LP
Label / Octave Records
Cat No / OCT0002
Genre / Rock & Indie
Release date / 2020

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