Doctors of Madness - Dark Times RSD20

Doctors of Madness - Dark Times RSD20

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Exploding onto the music scene in 1975 with their theatrical, William Burroughs-inspired Sci-fi nightmare, they were misunderstood by many, but those who knew understood the importance of the band’s dangerous, uncompromising approach to lyrics, to music and to performance.
Now, 40 years after they imploded, they're back, with an album seething with lyrical anger and passion. It is the most potent and incisive musical dissection of modern life and contemporary politics released the decade. With tracks titles like So Many ways To Hurt You, Sour Hour, Make It Stop! and the ground-breaking sonic assault of the title track Dark Times, Richard “Kid” Strange proves once again that he has his finger firmly on the pulse of our times, just as he had when he founded the band in 1974.

Format / LP, limited edition RSD20 clear pressing
Label / Molecular Scream
Cat No / MS0001LP
Genre / Rock & Indie
Release date / 29 August 2020

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