John Dwyer - Gong Splat

John Dwyer - Gong Splat

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Latest in quickly selling-out series of John Dwyer (Osees frontman) with friends lock down experimentations and improvisations. Featuring fantastic collage art by Dan Lean. Recorded at Stu-Stu-Studio by John Dwyer in the peak of dope smoke lock down.
What's this? Today's holiday gift? One final transmission from the core of the planet! Cresting slabs of concrete and powdered bone, rich soil-improvisation freak flag flitters atop a gutted highrise: Gong Splat. Featuring Ryan Sawyer on drums, Greg Coates on upright bass, Wilder Zoby on synth and mellotron, Andres Renteria on conga, bongos and hand percussion, and John Dwyer on guitar, synths, pan flute, cuíca, hand percussion, space drum and effects.
This one is spitting fat and neon night-light city drives, white in the corner of the pilot's mouth. Furry, fuzzy and frenetic, motorik and full of blood-rich ticks.maggots unite! There's a show tonight! Welcome back humans.

Format / LP, Gold + Blue splatter pressing.
Label / Castle Face
Cat No / CF144
Genre / Rock & Indie
Release date / 24 December 2021

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