Paul Schütze - The Second Law

Paul Schütze - The Second Law

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A boundless creative spirit, Australian artist Paul Schütze has worked for over forty years as a musician, photographer, visual artist and perfumer. He has exhibited at institutions such as the Hayward Gallery, the V&A and Madrid’s Arco, held residencies at the Cité des Arts in Paris and has works in collections worldwide. He has collaborated with musicians from Jah Wobble to Toshinori Kondo, from Bill Laswell to David Toop, and worked both as a filmscore composer and music critic in print.
Such pure, eloquent artistry is difficult to distill down to a single statement, but The Second Law offers a wide-ranging picture, held together with the music’s immense emotional depth. Though it is far from an exhaustive collection - Schütze has released some thirty albums over his extensive career - it looks to capture an overarching theme, a bird’s eye view, of Paul Schütze singular creative energy. His unique ability to bind disparate elements into a powerfully intentional voice. To hold the delicate and the intense together as one.

Format / LP
Label / Phantom Limb
Cat No / SUNLANG003
Genre / Electronic
Release date / 12 November 2021

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