Sean Khan - Supreme Love: Journey Through Coltrane

Sean Khan - Supreme Love: Journey Through Coltrane

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Trailblazing UK jazz renegade, saxophonist Sean Khan delivers his scintillating new album Supreme Love: a Journey Through Coltrane. “Who is John Coltrane for me?” asks Khan. “He is man, legend, myth, storyteller, sage and atmosphere. My road and journey has been a rocky one, and like most on this journey, I have carved a path full of mistakes and triumphs. However, throughout my life Coltrane’s music has been a constant.” Weaving together disparate strands of the UK music scene (jazz, dance, broken beat and electronic) together onto one record, Supreme Love is presented in three parts: autobiography, homage and encyclopaedia.

Format / 3 x LP
Label / BBE
Cat No / BBE618ALP
Genre / Jazz
Release date / 18 February 2022


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