The Awakening - Mirage

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The only "group" on the Black Jazz roster, The Awakening today should be heralded as one of the great bands in early '70s jazz. Mirage is their second (1973) album, it comes newly remastered (by Mike Milchner at Sonic Vision) and with new liner notes by Pat Thomas. It's the last one they made together; it boasts the same Chicago-based, AACM-centric line-up as the first, with the notable addition of bassist Rufus Reid on a couple of tracks. Spiritual jazz, free jazz, soul jazz, fusion jazz, you name it. This record is a little more abstract, a little more varied in its moods and textural colouring, yet no less powerful and transporting. The Real Gone release represents the first time Mirage has been reissued on LP. A record to discover, savour, and treasure.

Format / LP with Liner Notes
Label / Black Jazz
Cat No / RLGM12632PMI/RLGM12611PMI
Genre / Jazz
Release date / 1973, reissued 6 August 2021

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