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Following their 1990’s hiatus Wire reformed in 1999 and after setting up their own pinkflag imprint, between 2001–2003 released five distinct Wire items: Twelve Times You (vpf3; 7in vinyl). Read and Burn 01 (pf4; CD EP) / Read and Burn 02 (pf5; CD EP) / Send (pf6; CD album) / PF456 Redux (pf456 redux; 12in vinyl album. Following the 2 Read and Burn CD Eps Wire released the full length album Send, combining some tracks from both Read and Burn EPs and four unreleased pieces. Since none of the tracks had previously been issued on vinyl, a creative solution was sought to include all of the tracks from Send and the two Read and Burn EPs. This was achieved by some quite brutal edits! Thus the title PF456 Redux is both catalogue number and descriptor of the process. However, none of the tracks on pf4, pf5 and pf6 were ever put out on vinyl at full length – hence PF456 Deluxe, which includes everything from those three releases and Twelve Times You, for good measure. As in many things with Wire, form follows function. The limited edition version for Record Store Day 2021 comes with a hard -bound book containing text about these recordings and photos from the period.

Format / 2 x 10" + Hard Bound Book, limited edition for Record Store Day 2021
Label / Pink Flag
Genre / Rock & Indie
Release date / 12 June 2021

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